Caleb Savage - Tech Director

Keith Marlowe - Design/Classes/Equipment

Lucia Rollow - Founder/Executive Director

Richard Steinbach - Web/Gen ops

Huge thanks to everyone that pitched in on our Rocket Hub Campaign!!!

Paul Savage, Cooper Ray, Lizzie Bennet, Shawn McGinniss, David Artigas, Adam Thompson, Derek Chung, Natalie Chan, Sean MacNeil, George Ensinger, Jason Grad, Fearnside LLC, Jennifer Dikes, Niki Polyocan, Ben Eells, Colleen Larkin, George Underwood, Eliza Keller, Meryl Meisler, Sunita Iqbal, Nina Keneally, Sharilyn Neidhardt, Lendora Louise Solomon, Chris Chow, toni ross, Peter Albert Casanave, Sandy Ambar, Mae Mougin, Delia Rollow, Gregory Young, Lori and Josh Capon, Arthur Maslow, Liz & Gerry Montesano, Ellen Rosenthal Sarnoff, Ted Gesing, John Rollow, Scott Fowler, Jean Pagliuso, Beth and Peter Rosenthal, Robert Marvin, gregory brophy, Julian Lorber, Kimi Chiang, Marilyn Salaway Werner, Liana Rizzi, sara salaway, Joyce Nyerges, Jing Yuan, nicole brydson, Dani Effron Kline, Margaret Snow, Thomas Campos, Pat Mann, E. Salaway, Justin Aversano, Ian Bentley, Alberto Milazzo, Jessye Herrell, Bastienne Schmidt, Lew Schwartz, Campbell Watson, Benjamin Summers, Pat White, Lisa Jordan, Larry Ford, cliff borress, Tom Boettcher, jesper haynes, Rhonda Schaller, Judy Savage, Eliana Donini, Jason Acton, Dada Shikako, Melissa Jester, Jonathan Mannon, rafael fuchs, Xinyang Chen, Christopher Shrum, Jackie Neale

They always say it takes a village! We would like to offer thanks to ours!   

And of course we would like to offer a huge round of thanks to all of you that have ever stepped in, dropped off film, printed, processed, scanned or otherwise used our facilities over the last few years.  You keep us going on a day to day basis and we love you more than you will ever know. <3

Volunteer Positions

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently actively seeking volunteers. By filling out the application below you are simply adding your name to our list of people to contact when we are actively seeking volunteers. You will not receive a response to your application until there is an opportunity available.


Reception volunteers are essential to the day today operation of our organization. Without them them would be no one to answer the phone, greet customers as they come and go, and manage the point of sale system throughout the day


  • Cheerful, kind, friendly, helpful demeanor
  • Good phone etiquette 
  • Attention to detail/highly organized
  • Fast learner
  • Capable of working independently/with little guidance
  • Honest


Maintenance volunteers are essential in keeping the darkroom clean and chemicals fresh. Responisbilities of maintenance volunteers vary according to level of experience and most people will start out sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters and various other household duties. Once excellence has been proven maintenance volunteers can be trained to handle all the chemistry within the lab.


  • Minimum one year experience in b&w darkroom
  • Highly organized/Good attention to detail
  • Fast learner, capable of working independently/with little guidance
  • Honest