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Flashback Friday: Water For Wildflowers

November 12, 20221 min read

On December 5th, 2019, longtime friend of BCD, Jonathan Walker, invited guests to experience his show, Water for Wildflowers

flashback friday

“Water for Wildflowers is a three year visual study of the environment and inhabitants of New York City. In the Subways, on the avenues, in the neighborhoods we call home, I looked for the common thread that unites so many from such different backgrounds, people from all over the world; I determined we are resilient, and we have to be. During this process I unpacked my own identity, gestures and states of being that match my experience, and found moments of clarity amidst the hustle and chaos of city life. Just like the New York itself, my work will never be complete.”

flashback friday

Jonathan Walker is a poet and film photographer based in New York City. -- Instagram: @kingofkodak

flashback friday

Jonathan Walker by Noelle Duquette

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