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Member Spotlight: Eric Boekelheide

November 12, 20221 min read

1. Whats your favorite camera & why? 

Leica M4-2, Canada-made. I like it because the images it produces are just old-looking enough, allowing for a bit of atmosphere.

Eric Boekelheide

2. What type of photographer would you describe yourself as/how would you describe your photographic style?

A mix between the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson and the painter Monet. Impressionistic decisive moments.

Eric Boekelheide

3. Whats your dream photo shoot?

Probably a casual shoot with some lighting options and a good friend who could put up with my demands.

Eric Boekelheide

4. Whats the longest you've spent on a project/most in depth you've gone?

Last year I took a road trip through the American Southwest, visiting famous photographic landmar. I shot about 40 rolls of film.

Eric Boekelheide

5. How long have you lived in Bushwick/Brooklyn/New York?

I've lived in Brooklyn for about 7 months now.

IG: @eboekel

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