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Member Spotlight: Taylor Anthony

November 12, 20221 min read

1. Whats your favorite camera & why? 

My favorite camera is the Leica M6 Classic. It's the second 35mm camera I've owned but used the most. It's helped me learn a lot about photography and myself. 


2. What type of photographer would you describe yourself as/how would you describe your photographic style?

Although I am a "street photographer" I don't think I've been shooting long enough to have a style yet. As of now I'm just shooting what I'm drawn to.


3. Whats your dream photo shoot?

My dream photo shoot would involve a coy sky and not too many tall things in the way. Sunny sixteen for the win! 


4. Whats the longest you've spent on a project/most in depth you've gone?

I've actually just decided to start working on a book! Does life count as project? If that's the case 21 years! 


5. How long have you lived in Bushwick/Brooklyn/New York?

I've grown up in Brooklyn and moved out and back for a total of a decade. 

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