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Volunteer Spotlight: Charlie Camuglia

November 12, 20222 min read

What artists inspire you?

i'm inspired by the wit of elliott erwitt's work and the complete casualness of stephen shore's. i'm also heavily inspired, as cheesy as it sounds, by the work of photographers and artists who i know, whose work is genuine, that i am constantly seeing being poured directly out of the source, whose work i can watch as it progresses and changes directions hear all about why they make the work that they do through casual conversation and hints in visuals.

Being surrounded by real, accessible people who are super passionate about their work is the most inspiring thing to me really, especially in the age of social media where we're over saturated with nonsense images and when it's so easy to be discouraged by the egos of the art world. i'm also very much inspired by the non-photographic works of gustav klimt and louise bourgouis. 

Charlie Camuglia

What would be the soundtrack to your portfolio?

soundtrack to my portfolio: do make say think - & yet & yet

Charlie Camuglia

How did you get into photography?

i've been photographing all my life without really thinking about it. when i was a little i found an old canon that my dad used for travels and one day picked it up and started shooting what i liked in the environment, but it was when i signed up for a photography class in my freshman year of high school that really did it. i'll never forget the impressed jaw-dropping reaction my professor had in response to the first roll i brought into class (mostly cheesy abstracts tbh), but that's when i really started to recognize photography as something i was doing, and could keep doing with intention.

Charlie Camuglia

What's your day job?

i work at a furniture shop doing finishing! i mostly do metal patina and resin finishing, but occasionally some wood staining and oxidizing, and occasionally some other various construction.

Charlie Camuglia

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

banana split!

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