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November 12, 20221 min read

The last couple of months have made it hard for us to be a community at the darkroom. We know that everyone has been photographing more than ever since we are overwhelmed with a ton of film orders!

Do you have images that you would like to share with us? Each week, wewill feature a new individual and continue to create a community space on our website and social platforms.

Fill out the form below and remember to attach your images :) Our goal is to showcase photographic work from our diverse community of members, volunteers, and anyone who would like to participate. We are aiming to highlight work from individuals who are photographing the protests, LGBTQ rights, current events, yet all submissions are welcomed. 

Please submit 3-10 images you would like included in the blog post,

email with your responses to these questions. 

JPEG or PNG only, 5MB per image or less please! *

Required Info:



What social media handles you'd like included? If no, just write n/a:

A short or long Bio and describe your photography?

Optional Question: (You can also write anything you want - listed below are questions // icebreakers)

What’s your connection to BCD? (New to the community, been around since the dawn of time? I just develop and scan - anything just to get a reference :3)

How have the current events and environments affected your photography?

How does photography aid with your message?  

What organizations are you supporting? 

What is your favorite analog photography documentary, blog, or podcast? 

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