Bushwick Community Darkroom Annual Benefit

Raffle & Silent Auction

The Bushwick Community Darkroom was founded in 2011 with the mission to make film photography accessible to everybody. At a time when professional film labs were closing across New York City, founder Lucia Rollow believed there was still a place for film as a commercial and artistic medium. With a small amount of seed money, donated equipment, and the hard work of a few volunteers, BCD opened its doors.

Since moving into 110 Troutman Street in 2015, the Bushwick Community Darkroom has become a cornerstone in the Brooklyn arts community. Along with providing multiple darkrooms with color and black-and-white printing, we regularly host photo shows in our gallery space and offer a wide range of classes. This is just the beginning.

We’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $50,000 by the end of 2017. With this capital, we can make important facility upgrades and purchase a new scanner to improve our drop-off processing services. Your support will enable us to continue serving the community and keep our photo services affordable and accessible to all. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor we are already 20% of the way towards our $50,000 goal and with your contribution we can get the rest of the way there!

Please join us on December 7, 2017 at 7pm.

Refreshments provided by our good friends & neighbors

Raffle prizes generously contributed by our neighborhood comrades

Silent auction of prints by our members, volunteers and benevolent friends.

preview the works that will be available on December 7th below

Participating artists in order of display:

Franey Miller .    Harriet Roberts .    Stephanos Koullias .   Dan Goedeker .   

Caleb Savage .    Harriet Roberts .    Camille Breslin .    Dan Goedeker .   

Franey Miller .    Camille Breslin .    Caleb Savage .    Cameron Blaylock .   

Cameron Blaylock .    Rafael Fuchs .    Jose Alvarado .     Meryl Meisler .   

George Underwood .    Didier Bahamón .    Lacy Weathersbee .    Richard Foulser .   

 Richard Foulser .    Nancy Borowick .    Max Taylor .    Jorge Garcia .   

Natalia Gubinski .    Phil Garber .    Natalia Gubinski .    Lucas Andahl . 

Daryl Ann Saunders .    Jonathan Karem .    Christina Tamarez .    Jon Walker