Volunteer Spotlight: Raven Necole

1. Whats your favorite camera & why? 

My favorite camera to shoot with is the Olympus XA with A11 flash. I love it because it's a quick point and shoot. Very little adjusting. I also love my Bronica etrsi it's super heavy and when the shutter clicks I just love to say a few curse words. I just know it's about to be a good photo...... 

2. What type of photographer would you describe yourself as/how would you describe your photographic style?

My approach is very organic. Before I bought my XA majority of my photos were planned. I use to buy disposable cameras head to a parties.. pass them out and collect them at the end of the night. Other times it'll take me a week to finish a roll of 24 or 36. 

3. Whats your dream photo shoot?

My dream photo shoot is an individual portrait of all my family members and then a group photo. I'd also love to photograph and interview Young M.A. I don't know what it is about her but, I feel that I'd crush a session with her. I mostly want to pick her brain..... I honestly want to know what she thinks about gender fluidity lol. I'd like to ask her some thought provoking questions.

4. Whats the longest you've spent on a project/most in depth you've gone?

I started a series using Newspaper where I made a guy into a New paper monster. I never finished it, it was suppose to be a political series. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out props and how many pieces of double sided tape to use lol

5. How long have you lived in Bushwick/Brooklyn/New York?

*taps mic* I'm so Brooklyn I was born in Coney Island *crowd goes wild*