1 year Pro Membership

1 Year eco-membership-2.png
1 Year eco-membership-2.png

1 year Pro Membership


$9,000 value

  • Starts from date of purchase and continues through year 1 of occupancy at 321 Scholes.

  • Membership must be redeemed within the first year in the space, only valid from first day we’re open to the public in the new space

  • Grandfathered in to discounted monthly rate of $416 when becoming a member through fundraiser

  • Unlimited co-working (communal table space, color & b&w laser printers, free wifi, fridge, coffee maker)

  • 20x Dev/Scan each mo ($300 value)

  • 24/7 Darkroom Access ($480 value)

    • Value based on avg usage of 8hrs/wk @ $15/hr

  • 24/7 Computer Lab access ($720 value)

    • Value based on avg usage of 12hrs/wk @ $15/hr, comparable to going to Printspace & paying $22.50/hr

  • 12hrs/mo Alt Process Studio Access ($420 value)

    • Value based on hourly rate of $35, hours above 12/mo billed @ $35/hr

  • 6hrs/mo Private Darkroom Access ($150 value)

    • Value based on current rate of $25/hr, hours above 6 billed @ current member rate of $20/hr

  • 4hrs/mo Studio Access ($350 value)

    • Value based on semi-comparable studio rates in neighborhood, hours above 4/mo billed @ $100/hr split 75/25 between Paulie & darkroom w 25% going to darkroom

  • Priceless Perks

    • Access through BCD account to studio equipment rental from CSI, prices vary depending on equipment

    • Free inclusion in BYO Photo shows (non-members pay $5 hanging fee per print)

    • Guaranteed inclusion in 1 of 3 members only group exhibits annually

    • Solo exhibition opportunities based on availability

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