The Bushwick Community Darkroom fosters an environment of creative development for photography lovers of all levels.

Selected photographs below are from our old home. Photos of our new home are below and will be consistently updated.



Our fully stocked darkrooms are available for rental by anyone who wishes to use them and has a base level of experience. Both color & b&w darkrooms are available. Everyone will be given a brief introduction to the space at the beginning of their first visit. Bring your negatives & paper & get to work!


We have a variety of membership levels to match everyone's budget and needs. Visit our membership page for purchasing and access information!

(they're a steal of a deal.) 

classes & Workshops

The Bushwick Community Darkroom is host to a number of regular classes organized by Brooklyn Central as well as a number of independently organized workshops run by members of our community. All classes and workshops are priced as affordably as possible!

(and sometimes they're free!)

We're Open! Part Time.


We're open Thursday - Sunday to non-members generally 12p-8p. All our hours are up to date on the Hours & Events page so if you have questions you should either look there or call us at 718-218-4023. Our color film processor is chugging away and we're more than happy to take your drop off orders for those of you that don't want to do it yourself, just come by during open hours. Members are welcome to work in the space anytime anyday, always so keep that in mind ;) For more info on Memberships click here


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Sometimes we do other cool things too! Like today we packed up a batch of our spare equipment and went over to Vice studios to set up shop so they could shoot footage of photos developing! Check out our set up and think of us for your next film shoot needing a functional darkroom set ;)

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Check out the gallery above for recent construction photos! We're making some grrrrrrrrrrreeat progress!

As you and our friend David can see, our walls are up, our main sink is installed, our plumbing lines are done, our electric is almost done. We basically just need to get the drywall & taping done, build the counters, and install a few more platforms/shelves in order to be 100% ready to go.

Unfortunately, we're almost out of money. We have enough in the bank to pay May rent and cover a few more days of labor but beyond that we're going to come to a screeching halt. We need your help to keep moving and push this project over the finish line to establish the essential resource that this community needs.

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Darkrooms, Developing Stations, Studio Space, Scanning Services, Exhibitions, Events, Classes, Workshops and so much more.


With your support we are building the premier resource for analog photography in Brooklyn. When we finally open in our new home we will have an 8 person b&w darkroom, a 6 person color darkroom, a private darkroom, developing, scanning and printing resources as well as studio and gallery space. All available for rent for hourly, monthly, or lifetime payment options!



We have always organized art shows, from the hallway's of Lucia's apartment building to our cramped little storefronts in the Loom. Our new home is going to have a 1000 sq ft open gallery, multipurpose, classroom, screening room right up in the front. Our garage door will open straight into the gallery and at openings on warm spring, summer and fall evenings our neighbors can wander through a milling crowd and see some art.

In our last home in the Loom we finally began to tackle the immense challenge of working with children. Something that had always been a part of the vision but never a feasible reality was now actually being implemented! We worked with students at Photoville, high schoolers from the 5Borough weekend program, and middle schoolers from Bedstuy through a partnership with Citizen Schools. Having these opportunities was wonderful! But it quickly became clear that our cramped little space was not sufficient. We're greatly looking forward to welcome all these students and more when the semester starts this fall!

We recently found the above machine for a steal of a deal on ebay and simply couldn't say no. This machine will greatly improve our drop off film development service as it will simply take care of it for us. Watch out! We might actually start offering 1hr color film development services!! 

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