Financial Aid is available

for all who wish


Before placing your order simply send an email to telling her what percent off you would like. She will send you a unique coupon code that can be applied at checkout when placing your order.

No questions are asked of applicants, however we request that only those who self-identify as members of marginalized groups, and those experiencing financial hardship request aid.

We cannot guarantee that the full amount of the request will be met, but we will do our best to assist the greatest number of applicants possible.


How to donate to the financial aid fund:

  • First, make a contribution to other more urgent causes.

  • If you’re not sure where, start at Black Lives Matter

  • After you’ve done your part, you can donate to the BCD Financial Aid fund via fractured atlas

Bushwick Community Darkroom, 110 Troutman Street, Bushwick, NY, 11206, USA 718-218-4023